So here we are – almost finished with the very last testing phase of the DASH study. By this time, busy with the 4th week of testing, we’ve got the process pretty much perfected and running like clockwork (specific reference used for our dear Swiss friends).

Although this testing phase builds on the previous three testing phases, we do have a few additions that excites us very much. First of all, we incorporate 7-day Actigraphy accelerometers used to monitor the children’s movement in different intensities. Furthermore, we perform a glycated haemoglobin blood test (used to diagnose diabetes and pre-diabetes) and we also perform a full lipid panel test.

Amongst all the hard work and long hours, we have however tried to incorporate some relaxation too. Except for maybe too many dinners, we have also completed a beautiful beach hike and ‘worked’ in a few magnificent Africa sunsets. See the lovely pictures up front.

As we slowly finish off the last testing phase of the DASH study – it is both with happiness and a bit of sadness that we look back on the past 3 years. We’re a bit sad that we won’t visit our dear schools and won’t interact with the learners and teachers on such a frequent basis anymore. But, we are very happy and very excited for DASH 2.0 – or KaziBantu: “Healthy Schools for Healthy Communities” to kick off towards the middle of 2018 (photo credit © Stefanie Gall).