Development and pilot testing of the Children’s Toolkit - Second Week

Week two was filled with school visits and lesson-testing. Lize and Chantal arranged to observe four different “moving-to-music” lessons (Grade 2, 3, 4 and 6), taught by four different teachers at Enkwenkwezini Primary School. It was very interesting to experience how the teachers execute our ready-made lessons in the field. Through the pilot tests and the contact with the teachers, we were able to extract important information for our further approach with the “moving-to-music” toolkit. Besides the school visits, Lize and Chantal visited the community centre for the second time and tried out new ideas for the toolkit lessons.

This week Melanie and Roman haven’t had much luck with their testing. They went twice at a school to test different lessons but unfortunately, both times the testing was not possible because of either bad rainy weather or too nice weather where the temperatures were so high that the class didn’t go out for a physical education lesson. Nevertheless, the visits were helpful for the further development of our toolkit. We learned that we have to deal with weather conditions in our toolkit structure as well. From the teachers, we learned more about what kind of books and ideas they have used until now to plan their physical education lessons. Moreover, Roman met Margie Botha for a second time to discuss the actual lesson structure and what kind of adaptations would be appropriate. Margie’s expertise on the Physical Education Topic and the CAPS was really helpful.

Nicola had more luck with his testing. He visited twice the school to hand out the lessons and connected to the teachers. He could test a hand-washing lesson, which was really interesting to observe. The teacher needed to organize another class, because her learners stayed at home due to the bad weather. There are differences between school education in South Africa and Switzerland. Despite this fact, the lesson was satisfying to observe and the enthusiasm of the teacher was great.

On Friday, we had another Meeting with Rooftop and we sent them a few example lessons of the three toolkits to work on the graphic illustrations. They will present their work on November 8th.

During the weekend, we spent a lovely and windy day at Jeffrey’s Bay. We went for an amazing 2-hours horse ride over the sand dunes and along the beach. In the evening we were all invited for a braai at Larissa’s house. We had a lovely evening with the whole family and the Swiss KaziBantu. We ended the weekend with a relaxed brunch and an afternoon in the sun at the beach.