Development of the Children’s Toolkit - First Week

This week has been very dense with meetings as well. Chantal and Lize had meetings with Marelize, Christine and Nicki and attended Marelize’s workshops at Missionvale Campus, where we got to participate in the 7-week dance education with the undergraduates (foundation phase). Melanie and Roman from the physical education toolkit had two meetings with Heather Gibbon which is a physical education teacher from PE. They discussed how Heather and her knowledge can be helpful for the KaziBantu project. Additionally, she will also support Nicola in the health and hygiene education. Further, Chantal and Lize had a productive week of planning lessons especially for the community centre in Kleinskool where Chantal and Lize got to test some parts of the lessons with about 30 children from different grades (4-7). Chantal and Lize taught the lesson and learned again about the circumstances in the townships. They met a 19-year old mother that seems very poor but enjoyed the dance lesson very much. That one hour was one of the most down to earth realities but also the most fun experiences they had with their “new” lessons. On Friday, Lize went to a backpacker’s hostel in Redhouse to have an intensive session with Christine, which was very productive. Besides the meetings Melanie, Roman and Nicola were busy planning the lessons and thinking about the assessment forms. Some of these lessons will be tested during the following week.

Surfing has been a big part of the free time activities. Buying boards and wetsuits made it easier to go surfing early in the morning and after work hours. On Friday we were all invited for a braai at the Dolly Residence (Corbyn). We had a traditional South African potjie and had a lot of fun meeting friends and family. On Saturday we hiked the lady slipper hike after stopping at a farmers market and rested in the evening. Sunday just as beautiful as the previous day, with breakfast at Grassroof and the predator park we ended the day walking along the coast on the Sacramento walk.